La Push baby, its La Push. (Kids love it)

La Push baby, its La Push.

S i dag var vi i La Push, men frst var vi p en liten shopping runde. For siden min sster er s ddlig sjalu, tenkte jeg at jeg skulle gi henne enda en grunn til vre det! Dere skal f se alt jeg har kjpt meg nr vi kommer hjem p sndag, for jeg har kjpt 2 spesielle ting!
Men ja, La Push. First beach var helt nydelig, men selve reservatet var ikke helt slikt jeg tenkte meg det, men det var koseligt der! Men nok skriving, se heller p bildene dere! Og om dere skal lese bkene og ikke er interessert i lese utdrag derfra, ikke les under bildene!

I found what I was looking for before I realized I was looking for it. It materialized out of the gloom when it was just a few feet away: a long bone-white driftwood tree stranded deep on the rocks. The roots twisted up at the seaward end, like a hundred brittle tentacles.
"Keep out of the water, Claire. C'mon. No, don't. Oh! Nice, kid.

"pity wock! Pity wock!" Claire screamed when he didn't offer her another choice. She smacked him on the head with her little fist.
"Sorry, Claire-bear. How about this pretty purple one?"
"No" she giggled. "No Poopoh".
"Give me a clue. I'm begging ., kid."
Claire thought it over. "Gween." she finally said.
Quil stared at the rocks, studying them. He picked four rocks in different shades of green, and offered the to her.
"Did I get it?"
"Which one?"
"Aaaaawly ob dem!!"

Fastened to one of the links of the silver bracelet was a tiny wooden craving. I held it between my fingers to look at it closer. It was amazing the amount of detail involved in the little figurine-- the miniature wolf was utterly realistic. It was even craved out of some red-brown wood that matched the color of his skin.
"A hand-me-down." he reminded me sternly. He pulled my left wrist away from my leg, and touched the silver bracelet for just a moment. Then gave me my arm back.
I examined it cautiously. On the opposite side of the chain from the wolf, there now hung a brilliant heart-shaped crystal. It was cut in a million facets, so that even in the subdued light shining from the lamp, it sparkled......
"It's hard and cold" He laughed. "And it throws rainbows in the sunlight."
"You forgot the most important similarity," I murmured. "It's beautiful.!
"My heart is just as silent" he mused. "And it, too, is yours"

There, parked on the street in front of the house that never changed, was my new -well, new to me- truck. It was a faded red color, with big, rounded fenders and bulbous cab. To my intense surprise. I loved it.

Inside the truck, it was nice and dry. Either Billy or Charlie had obviously cleaned it up, but the tan upholstered seats still smelled faintly of tobacco, gasoline and peppermint. The engine started quickly, to my relief, but loudly, roaring to life and the idling at top volume. Well, a truck this old was bound to have flaw. The antique radio worked, a plus that I hadn't expected.

Haha, dette kom vi hjem til. Pappa sin seng var reid opp og fin, min derimot : p

Jaja, n skal vi til Port Angels og spise mat!

Lots of love,
Oda Karoline <3

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